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Retirement Plans

Value Statement

You work hard to do the right thing for your employees by offering and managing your retirement plan, that is why Barnes Capital Group is the go-to retirement planning advisors in Tallahassee. But, we also know it’s not your full time job. We know from day to day you have a lot of obligations to keep your company’s business running smoothly. Your retirement plan’s fiduciary responsibilities shouldn’t be an added burden.

Our retirement plan program that includes a:

  • Fiduciary handbook
  • Annual plan reviews
  • Employee education programs
  • Investment monitoring processes
  • Helps you address and manage compliance requirements.

The real question is; who’s helping you fulfill these retirement plan responsibilities right now?

We stand behind our offering and support you in managing your fiduciary obligations. In the following pages we outline the BCG Retirement Plan Process and the steps we take in an effort to provide comprehensive retirement plan services for your business.

The objective of a sound retirement plan is to:

  • Educate employees about why they need to save
  • Help them pursue their goals to obtain a full retirement
  • Minimize the administrative burden of the plan sponsor
  • Create an appreciation by the employees for what the plan sponsors are doing by offering them a retirement program.

Plans Offered

Plan Design Assistance

  • Qualified Plans
  • 401(k) / Defined Contribution
  • Defined Benefit
  • 403(B) / 457
  • Cash Balance
  • ESOP’s

Investment Fiduciary Responsibility

  • 3(21), 3(38)
  • ERISA 404c Compliance Assistance
  • ERISA Fidelity Bond Coverage

Executive Benefits – Non-Qualified Plan

  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Executive Bonus
  • SERP’s
  • Split Dollar


  • Auto Enroll / Deferrals
  • Safe Harbor
  • Auto Increase / Step-Ups
  • Outside Money Management
  • Funding Options
  • Employer Matching
  • Profit Sharing
  • Discretionary Contributions
  • Plan Benchmarking Reports

Barnes Capital Group Process

Goals For Plan

  • Develop a clear understanding of what you define as a successful retirement plan and what your goals are moving forward.

Plan Design Assistance

  • Conduct thorough analysis of your current plan design and suggest any changes that may be beneficial.

Plan Conversion

  • Work with providers to get an accurate price comparison based on current plan information. Define the conversion process and timeline if a provider change is necessary.

Enrollment Meetings

  • Provide enrollment support to all employees at conversion and during open enrollment periods.

Employee Education

  • Provide an Annual Employee Education Plan that consists of on site employee education presentations, one-on-one consultations, access to online material, and participant mailers.

Fiduciary Support

  • Active monitoring and fiduciary support including, annual plan reviews, investment monitoring, cost comparisons, and a fiduciary manual for organization of audit files.

Service Contract

  • Respond to all service requests within 24 hours (or Next Business Day)
  • Employee Orientation & Education Meetings
  • Provide Education or Enrollment Booklets
  • Dedicated Account Service Team with Back Up
  • Assist Plan Administrator with Billing & Payroll Issues
  • Assist Plan Administrator with Retirement Plan Explanations and Administrative Procedures
  • Individual Employee Enrollment Assistance
  • Provide a Fiduciary Manual for Best Practices and Audit Files
  • Provide an Education Plan based on Educational Needs
  • Comprehensive Annual Plan Reviews
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis
  • Complete Semi-Annual Visits to Review Your Retirement Program
  • Direct E-Mail Access
  • Online Access to Provider Forms
  • Provide Retirement Planning and Financial Advice to Participants
  • Assist Participants with Distribution Options
  • Benchmarking Resources
  • Periodic Webinars / Seminars on Pension Law Changes and/or Retirement Plan Trends
  • Quarterly Check-Ins by Phone

Retirement Plan Providers

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Independent Advisor Alliance, Barnes Capital Group, and LPL Financial are not affiliated with any of the above referenced entities. The final selection of a service provider is the responsibility of the plan sponsor.