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Wealth Management And Financial Planning

Advisory Company Profile

As a local choice for trusted and comprehensive financial management; BCG works with a number of institutional and high net worth investors, spanning from Individuals, Colleges, Municipalities, Non-Profits, Corporations, Family and Trusts. BCG offers asset and wealth management in Tallahassee and other areas composed of in-house research and qualified sub-advisors, giving our clients concierge service and a broad range of investment options for their needs.

Wealth Management Tallahassee

Investment Philosophy

Simple. Strategic. Straightforward.

Simple: We focus on helping you accumulate, manage and grow your wealth to help meet immediate as well as long-term needs. It’s a process that involves an intimate knowledge of client objectives, disciplined manager selection, meticulous oversight, personal attention and evaluation for all asset classes.

Strategic: We don’t base our decision solely on performance history but rather the response to various market cycles, economic conditions and environments. We recognize that investing against prevailing trends is not always comfortable, but we believe it is sometimes necessary to potentially generate long-term performance. While the foundation of a portfolio should be a long-term strategic asset allocation, we believe that substantial value is created by making disciplined, research-driven, deliberate asset allocation adjustments to capture market opportunities as they evolve. We routinely rebalance our client’s portfolio in an effort to avoid inappropriate risk, which at times can result in major tactical shifts to client portfolios, based upon our strong conviction regarding an investment thesis.

Straightforward: Our goal is to strive to outperform industry benchmarks while minimizing volatility over full market cycles.

Manager Selection

BCG dedicates significant resources towards active manager selection. Active management must demonstrate the ability to add value on a risk-adjusted basis. We strive to minimize fees and opportunity costs when managing market exposure. While performance is important, managers must exhibit strengths in five critical qualitative measures we define as the Management Selection Criteria (MSC). Our research efforts also include independent research, in-house due diligence, and monitoring of asset managers that seek to consistently provide excess return, or alpha, to a portfolio.

Management Selection Criteria

  • Direction: Is the investment process clearly defined and consistently applied?
  • Stability: Has the management team been able to retain senior management over time?
  • Alpha: Has the wealth manager exhibited an ability to add value to the benchmark over market cycles, typically defined as 3-5 year periods?
  • Source of Performance: What are the origins of out or under-performance (e.g. industry bets, stock selection, style biases) and are they consistent with the wealth manager’s direction?
  • Risk/Reward Analysis: Are the risk characteristics of the portfolio over time consistent with expectations

Sell Discipline

While our long-term approach to investing generally spans multiple market cycles, we realize there are cogent reasons to reduce or even eliminate portfolio positions. These decisions are based on a multitude of factors including the following:

  • Significant divergence from Management Selection Criteria
  • Profit Preservation
  • Opportunities to allocate capital to more compelling investments

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