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A Few Words on Feathering Your (Retirement) Nest

A Few Words on Feathering Your (Retirement) Nest

If you are in your twenties, you may think it’s too early to start planning for your retirement. Be assured, it’s never too early.
Following are a few tips to consider in planning to feather your nest and nurture your nest egg.
1) Calculate your monthly expenditures and your income. This should include medical costs, transportation costs, and installment payments, as well as household bills and credit card bills.
2) Consider allocating a portion of the difference between your income and expenses to use for investing. (Note: If you discover there is no money left between your income and expenses, you need to develop a more effective budget.)
3) If your place of employment offers a 401(k) plan or another tax-deferred investment plan, take advantage of the opportunity and enroll in it. Make the highest contribution you can.
4) Consider an automatic investing plan. One possible option would be dollar cost averaging. You could have a determined amount of money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and put into your company’s investment plan.
5) Build a portfolio. Don’t put all your “eggs” into one “basket.” A professional can help you develop the best blend of investments for your personal needs.
6) Start now. Procrastination will only keep you further away from building up your nest egg for a more secure retirement future. The longer you wait, the more money you will need to invest to make up for lost time. Look to your future now, it will be brighter for it.

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