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Year: 2018

Taking Charitable Giving to Another Level

Did you know that you can gift a new or existing life insurance policy to your favorite charity? When properly designed, a charitable life insurance program may improve your overall financial situation and offer tax benefits, all while supporting a charitable cause. Generally, there are three methods...

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Charitable Giving—Not Just for the Rich and Famous!

Whether you are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or just an ordinary Joe, the gifting principles, tax benefits, and philanthropic rewards of charitable giving can be relatively the same, regardless of how large, or how small, your gifting program. The potential for a charitable income tax deduction or an...

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Finding Your Way through the IRA Maze

You’re certainly not alone if the words Individual Retirement Account (IRA) cause your mind to spin in confusion. The original IRAs were mind-boggling enough. However, now you have several options, including what many have called the “American Dream” IRA—the Roth IRA. Let’s take a moment and ferret...

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