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Year: 2018

All You Need To Know About Eldercare Arrangements

It’s never too early to think about how and where you want to live when you’re older. How far in advance do you plan vacations? A month at the very least, right? You’ve booked the flights and hotels, taken time off of work, gotten the kids out of school and looked forward to it from the moment you...

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Aging Parents and Money

Getting old is hard. Your parents’ ability to manage their own finances may decline as they age. Helping them with money matters is a sensitive issue you need to approach carefully.When you hit a certain age of your life, you may realize that one topic keeps coming up in conversations with your friends:...

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Insurance Protection for Life’s Key Stages

Whether you are just starting your career, in your peak earning years, or enjoying retirement, your insurance protection needs may change over time. Life cycle planning helps identify insurance needs that are common to particular stages of life. This can help individuals and families examine their...

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A Best Kept Insurance Secret

“There’s a time and place for everything.” You’ve probably heard that expression a bunch of times. In fact, you’ve probably used yourself, as well. That age old axiom applies to so many different things. And, life insurance is no exception. Over the years, a variety of life insurance products have...

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Justifying Late Tax Return Filings

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accepts the following reasons for failure to file tax returns on time: 1. Late receipt of the return, although it was mailed in time to reach the IRS by the deadline (as evidenced by the postmark). 2. Filing to the wrong IRS District Office. 3. Death or disability...

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Income Tax Filing | What You Should Know

The April 15th tax deadline always seems just around the corner. Preparing in advance to file your federal income tax return might help make a sometimes overwhelming process easier to tackle. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established several convenient methods to help each taxpayer...

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Achieving Superior Customer Service

In this competitive and recession-squeezed market, providing superior customer service can make all the difference in both your reputation and your success. All business owners would like to believe their organization provides exceptional customer service. While many businesses boast about their...

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